• 18 Aug 2015 9:08 AM | Harry French (Administrator)

    The MOU with Queen Street Solar provides important member benefits.

    • 1.     Members can purchase community bonds.
    • 2.     A portion of our current members loans may be recoverable.
    • 3.     WSCEC members can become members of Queen Street Solar.
    • 4.     WSCEC members may stand for election on the QSS Co-operative Board.
    • 5.     The project gets built and we are a proud contributor toward Climate Change Mitigation

    You can read the full agreement by following this link. The agreement may provide an opportunity to recoup some of our member loans. However, there is no guarantee and much negotiation yet to undertake with QSS.

    “Memorandum of Understanding Between Queen Street Solar and the WS Community Energy Co-operative”.  

  • 17 Feb 2015 6:31 PM | Harry French (Administrator)
    Co-operative members are encouraged to read the extended version of the following letter to the editor submitted for the Feb 19, 2015 edition of the Sun Tribune.

    Call your Ward Councillor and find out if they support environmental action in our community?

  • 19 Jan 2015 5:33 PM | Harry French (Administrator)

    Reminder of the presentation to Town Council tomorrow night Jan 20th at 7:00 PM. We are first on the Agenda. Your support and participation will be very welcomed - please attend.  You can see the Presentation made to Town Council Jan 20th by clicking here

    This past Friday the Board Executive had the opportunity to tour the Brant Complex in Brant County, a community owned renewable energy project very similar to the Clippers Arena. Mayor Altmann attended the tour and was able to ask direct questions to the municipal and community partners. It was a very educational event.

    There are a few pictures of the installation in the post below.

     Brant County generates a net income of $180,000 per annum through their community/municipal renewable energy initiatives. Whitchurch-Stouffville has the opportunity to achieve similar success.

  • 15 Jan 2015 11:25 AM | Harry French (Administrator)

    I have been reading Naomi Klein's book, "This changes everything". She lays out the transformative change our society, globally, must make just to adjust to the climate impact coming, that is already in the air, and what we have to do to keep below the 2 degree mark. Go to the last chapter!  This is where it is important to us as a Cooperative. Klein indicates that no transformative change has ever been made without a cultural, value shift that involved  PEOPLE JUST COMING TOGETHER and saying enough is enough. It reminds me of Margaret Mead famous quote, "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to make a difference. It is the only thing that ever does." This is us the Whitchurch-Stouffville Community Energy Co-operative.

    That is why we are together. It is not just to operate a renewable energy generator to make money. We exist to bring like-minded people together to influence change in our community and to support each other as we adjust to the negative influence of climate change while looking for a more quality environment for our families. 

    On Jan 20th, the Board will present an offer to Town Council to essentially capitalize on the work undertaken by our Coop over the last three years. 

    We are calling it a partnership - our proposal is for the transfer of the Feed in Tariff to the Town with the opportunity of the Town making a net income - that is right a NET income of over $800,000 over the 20 years of the contract.

    We hope to recover our costs and to set up an environmental legacy fund which the community in partnership with the co-operative can use to build a more environmentally sustainable community.

    This is the practical thing to be doing because with all the obstacles we have had to overcome including the $100,000 security deposit  required by the last Council - we have just run out of time to raise the capital and we cannot take the risk of losing the valued FIT contract.

    Our proposal, which we will bring to the AGM, accomplishes our vision and gives us space to decide on future activities. 

    We are starting to see a wave of change. Ontario will have a carbon tax next year. Politicians are becoming willing to make the decisions that must be made in order to facilitate the transformative change required.

    We are trusting that the current Council will have the wisdom and courage to see the"gift" we are offering and to think locally and act locally.

    Harry French


  • 11 Jan 2015 12:17 AM | Harry French (Administrator)

    Since the election on October, members of the Board have met with all council members to update them on our project. We also introduced to the council members a proposal that would see the Town as a significant partner in the project.

    If you want to know more on the details of the proposal click the link below. 

    Overview of proposal to be presented to Council Jan 20, 2015 7:00 pm

    Details will also be discussed at the upcoming AGM Jan 31. See Events Page

Address: 9 Church Street, Stouffville ON

Email: bob_n@energycooperative.ca

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