Frequently Asked Questions on the Whitchurch-Stouffville Project (under on-going development)

1. Question: Does the solar array have snow melting capacity?

Answer: Light penetrates through snow and heats the panels to enable snow to melt off. More importantly in the winter electricity production is naturally low due to the angle of the Sun. Financial projections take this into account.

2. Question: If the Town partners on the project how much will it cost the taxpayer?

Answer: Nothing! In fact the project will generate new revenues to the town of over $800,000. This is after ALL interest and principle is paid by the project revenues on money borrowed to construct. 

3. Question: What happens when the roof needs replacement on the Clippers Arena?

Answer: The price is electricity is rising. The panels will produce electricity for 25 - 30 years. After the 20 years contract with the IESO, the panels will continue to produce electricity. At this time the Town can net-meter. That means, run the Clippers Arena with electricity generated from the roof. The electricity generated including costs required for maintenance, repairs and panel replacement off and on the roof  will cost less to generate than buying it from the grid at that time. That is forward thinking!


Useful Resources.

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Questions You Would Like to Ask:

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